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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2016Global Variation in Neonatal Intensive Care: Does It Matter?Ournal, T H E J; Ediatrics, O F P; Rysavy, Matthew A
2016Using the Bristol Stool Scale and Parental Report of Stool Consistency as Part of the Rome III Criteria for Functional Constipation in Infants and ToddlersOurnal, T H E J; Ediatrics, O F P; Saps, Miguel
2016Maternal Prenatal Nutrition and Birth Outcomes on Malnutrition among 7- to 10-Year-Old Children: A 10-Year Follow-UpOurnal, T H E J; Ediatrics, O F P
2016Advances in Gut Microbiome Research and Relevance to Pediatric DiseasesOurnal, T H E J; Ediatrics, O F P
2016Geophagy Is Associated with Growth Faltering in Children in Rural BangladeshOurnal, T H E J; Ediatrics, O F P; Perin, Jamie; Thomas, Alvin; Oldja, Lauren; Ahmed, Shahnawaz; Parvin, Tahmina; Bhuyian, Sazzadul Islam; Sarker, Bidduth; Biswas, Shwapon K; Faruque, Abu S G; Sack, R Bradley; George, Christine M
2016Antenatal Exposure to Magnesium Sulfate Is Associated with ReducedOurnal, T H E J; Ediatrics, O F P; Gano, Dawn; Ho, Mai-lan; Partridge, John Colin; Glass, Hannah C; Xu, Duan; Barkovich, A James; Ferriero, Donna M
2016Mandatory Closure Versus Nonintervention for Patent Ductus ArteriosusOurnal, T H E J; Ediatrics, O F P
2016Value of Procalcitonin Measurement for Early Evidence of Severe Bacterial Infections in the Pediatric Intensive Care UnitOurnal, T H E J; Ediatrics, O F P; Lautz, Andrew J; Dziorny, Adam C; Denson, Adam R; Connor, Kathleen A O; Chilutti, Marianne R; Ross, Rachael K; Gerber, Jeffrey S; Weiss, Scott L
2016Transitioning From Descriptive to Mechanistic Understanding of the Microbiome: The Need for a Prospective Longitudinal Approach to Predicting DiseaseOurnal, T H E J; Ediatrics, O F P
2016Variation in Preventive Care in Children Receiving ChronicOurnal, T H E J; Ediatrics, O F P; Basiaga, Matthew L; Burrows, Evanette K; Denburg, Michelle R; Meyers, Kevin E; Grossman, Andrew B; Mamula, Petar; Grundmeier, Robert W; Burnham, Jon M