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2016Effect of Mechanical Ventilation Mode Type on Intra- and Postoperative Blood Loss in Patients Undergoing Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Trial.Kang, Woon-Seok; Oh, Chung-Sik; Kwon, Won-Kyoung; Rhee, Ka Young; Lee, Yun Gu; Kim, Tae-Hoon; Lee, Suk Ha; Kim, Seong-Hyop
Jun-2008The ethics of information: absolute risk reduction and patient understanding of screeningMeslin, Eric M.; Schwartz, Peter H.
2015Multicentre validation of manufacturers' weight-based recommendations for laryngeal mask airway size choice in anaesthetic practice: A retrospective analysis of 20,893 cases.Avidan, Alexander; Eden, Arieh; Reider, Evgeni; Weissman, Charles; Levin, Phillip David
2016Quaternary Lidocaine Derivative QX-314 Activates and Permeates Human TRPV1 and TRPA1 to Produce Inhibition of Sodium Channels and Cytotoxicity.Stueber, Thomas; Eberhardt, Mirjam J; Hadamitzky, Christoph; Jangra, Annette; Schenk, Stefan; Dick, Felicia; Stoetzer, Carsten; Kistner, Katrin; Reeh, Peter W; Binshtok, Alexander M; Leffler, Andreas
2015The effect of triple vs. double nonopioid therapy on postoperative pain and functional outcome after abdominal hysterectomy: a randomised double-blind control trial.Gilron, Ian; Tu, Dongsheng; Dumerton-Shore, Deborah; Duggan, Scott; Rooney, Rachel; McGrath, Michael; Orr, Elizabeth
2009Disclosure and rationality: comparative risk information and decision-making about preventionSchwartz, Peter H.
17-Jan-2012A comparison of portable ultrasound and fully-equipped clinical ultrasound unit in the thyroid size measurement of the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphinKot, Brian C. W.; Ying, Tin-cheung Michael; Brook, Fiona
2009The millennium development goals fail poor children: the case for equity-adjusted measuresReidpath, DD; Morel, CM; Mecaskey, JW; Allotey, P
9780764595547.pdf.jpg2005Genetics for dummies /Robinson, T R ; Tara Rodden
2012A single residue substitution in the receptor-binding domain of H5N1 hemagglutinin is critical for packaging into pseudotyped lentiviral particlesTang, DJ; Lam, YM; Siu, YL; Lam, CH; Chu, SL; Peiris, JS; Buchy, P; Nal, B; Bruzzone, R